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JF & NC Kemp

10 - Feb - 2015

Family run business producing high quality meat the old fashioned way - grass fed animals give meat rich in omega 3.

Dexter Cattle

Dexter Cattle in Galloway

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Native Breed

The Dexter breed of cattle is descended from the Celtic Black cattle of old - other breeds linked to these cattle are the Kerry, the Galloway, Aberdeen Angus (the original - not themodern breed) and the Highland. Nowadays, the Dexter is regarded as a sport of the Kerry and is approximately the same size as the original black cattle, all the other breeds having increased in size.

Beef and Dairy

A Dexter bull will be less than 48" high, but in other ways should look like a good, straight, beefy animal.

The adult cow should be about 42 - 44 inches,and they are very milky. There are some dairy herds of Dexters and the quality of milk vies with Jersey milk.

We, like most who keep Dexters, love them for their independence .... sometimes! and for their easy calving and good mothering instincts.

We are always happy to show the animals to visitors - telephone first to make sure we are able to take you round.

Grass Fed

Our cattle are all fed on grass - fresh where possible - then hay, sileage and haylage during the winter. We don't feed them on grain.

This means that their meat is higher in omega 3 - the healthier fat - and, of course, the taste is wonderful - as it used to be.

Contact Us

Call us on 0845 683 4285 (Local rate) if you'd like to come and see our Dexter cattle in Galloway. We'll be happy to show you around.

Email us first, if you prefer, using the enquiry form on the Contact Us page of this website and we'll make sure we reply straight away.

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